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What Is Chocolate Packaging Process?

  • Release Lime: Sep 10 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Chocolate, a kind of candy, very popular in the world, chocolate is often packaged in various forms for sale in the mall. But do you know the chocolate packaging process?
Chocolate packaging process is very simple:
The packaging film is installed on the roller, and the chocolate is placed in the feeder (also can be manually fed), the conveyor belt automatically transports the packaged chocolate to the packaging position, packaged in the packaging film, and then is heated and pressed into a shape, then sent to the horizontal sealing cutter for sealing and cutting, and then the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.
chocolate packaging process 

In addition to understanding the packaging process, operators also need to be familiar with the operating steps of the chocolate packaging machine:
1. Turn on the power switch in the electric control box, turn on the main power air switch, and the power indicator light is on.
2. Turn on each heater switch, the heating indicator will be on, and the packaging can be started after reaching the set temperature.
3. Install the packaging film according to the "Schematic Diagram of Packaging Film Passing and Winding", jog the packaging film through the two rollers, then open the rubber pressing roller control handle, pull it through the bag maker to the lower conveyor belt, and close the handle.
4. Press the start button to start the equipment, cut 4-5 bags, observe the packaging film forming, measure the bag length, and observe the automatic tracking status.
chocolate packaging machine factory

5. Adjust the cutter tracking position.
6. Supply chocolate to the feeding conveyor, close the clutch, pull the conveyor to a suitable position by hand, close the clutch.
7. If the package is ahead or lagging behind, open the clutch, pull the conveyor to a suitable position by hand, and close the clutch.
8. When the equipment is in automatic operation, press the safety switch and emergency switch to stop the equipment.

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