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What Are the Ketchup Packaging Materials?

  • Release Lime: Oct 13 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Ketchup is based on fresh tomatoes and a sauce-like concentrated food made with a variety of auxiliary materials. Compared with fresh tomatoes, it has better applicability and is often used in cooking. This condiment rich in various nutrients is very popular. It is widely sold in various packaging forms such as bottled, canned, and bagged.
For different packaging methods, the packaging materials used are also different:
Bottled: Generally glass bottles, plastic bottles
Canned: Generally aluminum cans
Bagged: Use composite film. Commonly used conforming films are PT/PE, paper/aluminum foil, paper/PE, PET/PE, PVC/PE, PE/PVDC, PP/PVDC, etc.
 Ketchup packaging material
Compared with bottled and canned ketchup, the application of ketchup sachet greatly improves the portability and convenience of ketchup. Due to the particularity of ketchup, the sealing, barrier, and chemical resistance of packaging materials are better than general flexible plastic packaging material, and the heat sealing strength of the heat sealing edge is also higher to avoid leakage. Therefore, it is generally difficult to open the package by breaking the heat-sealed edge of the sachet, so how to make the ketchup sachet easy to access?
Generally, in order to facilitate the use of ketchup, the packaging bags are designed with easy-to-tear openings, such as the jagged easy-to-tear opening on the top of the heat-sealed edge, and the cut at the heat-sealed edge. Or directly choose packaging materials with easy-to-tear properties.
However, in the actual production and use of ketchup packaging materials, not all the easy-to-tear openings of the packaging materials can be easily torn. Sometimes a jagged edge has to be changed several times before the package can be torn open. Or, during the tearing process, the composite film of the packaging bag is layered, which increases the difficulty of taking out the ketchup. Therefore, when selecting packaging materials, it is necessary to conduct an easy-to-tear performance test to ensure that the finished product is easy to tear, and will not affect the consumer's experience.
No matter which packaging method and packaging material you use, we can all provide you with a suitable ketchup packaging machine.

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