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Slod Pouch Filling Machine Malaysia

  • Release Lime: Oct 11 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Pouch filling machine is a very widely used packaging machine, different products can be filled by changing the feeding method. One of our Malaysian customers bought this machine to pack his beef sauce.
How to receive the machine?
Because the customer is in Malaysia, we compared the cost of multiple transportation methods and finally chose the shipping method to transport the equipment for the customer. Not only allows customers to receive the equipment on time, but also saves customers on transportation costs.
 pouch filling machine malaysia
What should the customer do after receiving the machine?
After the goods arrive in Malaysia, when lifting equipment with a packaging box by lifting equipment, it must be lifted steadily in accordance with the direction marked on the outside of the packaging box. Under no circumstances should the packaging box be excessively tilted or even placed horizontally, and the box body should not be subjected to impact or severe vibration during installation. The equipment is installed and fastened on a wooden frame when it leaves the factory. After unpacking, please use a forklift or special tools to lift the equipment. Do not use a wire rope to lift it to avoid damage to the protective cover of the machine. After lifting, remove the fastening bolts, remove the wooden frame, install the feet, and put down the equipment steadily.
After the equipment enters the workshop, first check whether the accessories of the machine are complete according to the packing list. If any parts such as bolts falling from the packing box are found, they should be collected and recorded for installation. Check whether the parts and appearance of the equipment are in good condition. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be reported to the transportation department or the relevant department of our company immediately for proper solution.
After confirming that the equipment is placed on a level ground, install and debug the equipment in strict accordance with the instructions.
How does the machine work?
1. Take out the bag/feeding bag: automatically take out the bag and send it to the machine folder, alert when there is no bag, reducing the employment and labor intensity.
2. Print production date: Ribbon detection, alarm when the ribbon is used up, and touch screen display to ensure normal coding.
3. Open the bag: Open the bag to detect, do not open the bag or blank, to ensure that the material is not lost.
4. Filling: Inspection, the materials are not filled, heat-sealed and not sealed to ensure that the bag is not wasted.
5. Heat sealing: Alarm for abnormal temperature to ensure sealing quality.
6. Cooling, shaping and discharging: Ensure that the seal is beautiful.
The above 6 steps must be configured, and the configuration can be added according to the packaging materials and packaging requirements. 

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