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Mask Packing Machine Sold to Italy

  • Release Lime: Jun 17 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Mask packing machine is the main tool for face mask packing. We sold one set to Italy last week, who will pack 20 pieces masks in a bag, and they asked us to ship immediately.  
The mask packing machine sold to Italy use servo induction packaging, the machine will not work when there is no material, save labor, save material.
Face mask packing machine Italy 
1. The operating mechanism of the whole machine is an open cantilever structure design, synchronous belt transmission, compact structure, easy to maintain and maintain. Greatly reduces the transmission noise and makes the machine run more smoothly.
2. Adjustable large touch screen panel, easy to operate, can store and retrieve product technical parameters.
3. The new vertical seal heating structure can meet the good sealing of the vertical seal at a lower temperature during high-speed packaging.
4. Automatic function: According to the set mode and parameters, it automatically calculates the movement distance of the three servos.
5. Anti-cut function: When the position of the material is incorrect, the cutter should immediately cut off the material after being stopped, and the cutter should be retracted to a safe position to avoid the cutter staying in the sealed position for too long, resulting in high temperature burning of the material.
6. Automatic cam: According to different modes, the correct cam curve, different bag length and other parameters are automatically generated.
This mask packing machine has been sent to Italy, I hope customers can receive the machine as soon as possible and put it into use. 

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