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How to Operate Pouch Packing Machine?

  • Release Lime: Jun 16 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How to operate pouch packing machine? After you buy a pouch packing machine, you must figure out the specific steps first to ensure the stable operation of the machine. As a packaging machine factory, we will provide detailed operation manuals for each packaging machine. Here we will show the main operation steps:
 pouch packing machine
1. Before turning on the packaging machine, you need to check whether the specifications of the weighed container and the bag making machine of the packaging machine are within the set parameters.
2. Check whether the packaging film is installed on the film loading device and whether the film loading device is fixed. After starting, adjust the axial position of the packaging film according to the film feeding situation to ensure that the film supply is normal.
3. Check whether all the wires of the machine are connected, and then start the equipment.
4. Turn on the main power switch of the packaging machine, pull down the clutch handle to separate the measuring cup measuring device from the main drive, and turn on the start switch to make the machine run empty.
5. Set the horizontal and vertical sealing temperature separately, and set the sealing temperature according to the packaging materials used.
6. Bag length adjustment: After the packaging film is installed, it is sandwiched between the film-pulling wheels, and the roller is turned to pull the packaging film below the knife of the horizontal sealing stick. After waiting for the temperature to reach the set temperature for 2 minutes, turn on the start switch and release the bag The lock nut of the long adjusting screw and the hand knob of the bag length controller are adjusted to turn clockwise to shorten the bag length, and vice versa to increase the length of the bag, and then tighten the nut.
7. Set cutter position.
After all operations are completed, the machine can work normally. If you need more details about how to operate pouch packing machine, please contact us for free.
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