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Automatic Food Packaging Assembly Line in Food Industry

food packaging assembly line
automated food packaging line
food packaging line
With the increase in consumer demand, many food companies are considering expanding production, so the corresponding packaging should be more and more automated. The automated food packaging line we provide can help you cope with the complex and ever-changing world of food packaging.

What Is Automated Packaging?

Automated packaging is the process of packaging food without human assistance. The range of automated packaging can range from a single device to a simple process or a complete food packaging assembly line. Thereby reducing redundant tasks and making the packaging process twice the result with half the effort.

Automated Food Packaging Line Benefit:

1. Improve the quality control system.
2. Increase production speed.
3. Reduce the risk of employee injury.
4. Reduce labor costs.

Food Packaging Assembly Line Include:

Arrangement, packaging, cartoning, boxing, sealing, etc.
 Food packaging line

Automated Food Packaging Line Features:

☆ It can be directly connected to the front-end food production line to meet the requirements of large-scale, batch, automated and efficient production and packaging. You can also use manual dumping of food to meet small-scale and diversified packaging requirements.
☆ According to the characteristics of the food, the design is personalized to avoid extrusion and deformation of the food. In the case of food congestion, stacking, and unsuccessful steering, it will be automatically rejected to ensure the continuous stability of packaging.
☆ It adopts multi-stage frequency conversion speed regulation and servo drive control, which can be adjusted and controlled according to the user's requirements for packaging speed and food shape characteristics.
☆ With humanized design, installation and disassembly are simple and quick.
☆ The system is equipped with multiple safety protection measures, including leakage protection, emergency stop function, fault shutdown protection, warning lights, etc.
For different food characteristics, we will configure different feeding and packaging methods. Tell us your needs and we will give you a solution.
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