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Automatic Food Packaging Machine Industrial Use

automatic food packaging machine
industrial food packaging machines
Food packaging machine factory
Automatic food packaging machines are excellent packaging equipment, which can be adapted for different food packaging. Such as biscuits, cookies, bread, noodles, and other food.

Types of Automatic Food Packaging Machines:

According to the shape, volume and characteristics of different foods, different packaging machines are needed to complete the food packaging process. According to the characteristics of materials, packaging machines can be divided into the following categories:
*Pillow packaging machine
*Granule packaging machine
*Powder packaging machine
*Liquid packaging machine
In this article, we mainly talk about the first of them.
Types of food packaging machine


Automatic Food Packaging Machine Features:

① The packaging environment is hygienic and reliable, no human intervention is required during the packaging process, and the materials in contact with the food are stainless steel.
② The industrial food packaging machine is safe and reliable, and the parameter setting is simple and convenient. A high degree of automation, the whole machine is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer and stepper motor.
③ The scrap rate is low. The transmission system is equipped with an automatic detection device, which will not allow empty bags to enter the sealing and cutting process. It will automatically stop, which can improve the quality and avoid the waste of packaging film, no waste of food.
④ The transmission system of this machine is simple and stable, which can not only realize the one-step feeding, packaging, sealing and cutting but also improve the packaging efficiency.
 Food packaging machine features

Precautions for Use of Industrial Food Packaging Machine:

1. After stopping, the cutter and tailstock should be cleaned in time to ensure that the feed conveyor is cleaned every shift so that it is not corroded.
2. For the heat sealer, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure that the texture of the seal is clear.
3. The photoelectric tracking light head should also be cleaned regularly to reduce cursor tracking errors.
4. The food scattered on the material tray needs to be cleaned up in time to keep the food packaging machine parts clean.
5. Clean the dust in the electric control box regularly to prevent bad contact.

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Technical Data
Model CK-ZS450
Film width Max 450mm
Bag width 50-180mm
Product height Max 80mm
Film diameter 320mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 4020*820*1450mm
Weight 1050kg

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