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Automatic Stick Noodles Packing Machine--Weighing & Feeding

This automatic stick noodles packing machine with weighing and feeding function, It can be used for the packaging of long products such as stick noodles, pasta, etc. After packaging, the products are neatly arranged and beautiful.

Automatic Stick Noodles Packing Machine Composition:

Flow wrap machine, conveyor line, weighing machine, feeding elevator, pneumatic hopper

Dry Noodle Packaging Machine Features:

☺This machine is a fully automatic packaging machine designed for automatic noodle production lines and mass packaging.
☺ According to the production situation of the stick noodles, an automatic feeding system can be selected to realize unmanned operation of feeding materials, and various forms of conveyors can ensure that the noodles will not move or roll.
☺ Anti-cutting safety clutch device, no damage to stick noodles, high overall efficiency.
☺ Bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted individually, which is convenient and accurate.
☺ The AC motor is equipped with a frequency converter to realize stepless variable speed control and can be dynamically adjusted during operation.
Stick noodle packing machine factory

Benefit Analysis:

→ Save labor and improve noodle production efficiency.
→ Save consumables, machine-specific film replaces the finished packaging film.
→ The packaged noodles are beautiful and convenient for marketing.

Why Choose This Stick Noodles Packing Machine?

This packaging machine is a stable and versatile machine. It has a wide range of applications and can realize the packaging of various products on one machine. The packaging machine is a high-speed continuous running machine, so it has higher requirements on the strength and stability of the machine. Otherwise, long-term operation will inevitably lead to a decrease in the life of the machine, poor packaging accuracy, and high failures. Since our packaging machine uses 12mm thick steel plate as the body, the whole machine weighs about 1 ton, so in the case of high-speed continuous operation, the machine has high stability and long service life, and it is a cost-effective model.
Technical Data
Model CK-220XSE
Working objec Pencil shape noodles, Spaghetti
Noodle length 100g~500g: (180mm~260mm)±5.0mm
Noodle thickness 0.6mm~1.4mm
Noodle width 0.8mm~3.0mm
Packing speed 30~60bags/min
Weighting scope 100-1000g
Values set up digital input
Values showed precisely To 0.1g
Zero adjustment Automatic or manual
Weighting speed and precision 100g~500g, ±2.0g≥96%
  200g~1000g, ±3.0g≥96%
Voltage single-phase AC220v/50-60HZ 5800W
Size 6700mm×3400mm×1650mm 

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