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Mayonnaise/Mustard Salad Packing Machine with Tear Mouth

Automatic mayonnaise packing machine
mustard salad packing machine
mayonnaise packing machine
Mayonnaise packing machine can be used for packaging different kinds of sauces and liquids. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for sauce is also increasing. You need an efficient, reliable and high-quality equipment to help you complete the mayonnaise packaging process. Here will show you several different packing equipment, including their effectiveness, working principle, characteristics and other details.

Why Do You Need A Packing Machine?

1. Increase the output of mayonnaise production.
2. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of packaging mayonnaise.
3. Reduce the time you spend using manual packaging of mayonnaise.
4. Improve the environment of mayonnaise packaging, because the pollution caused by the machine is less.
5. Decorate the mayonnaise and increase the aesthetic value for better sales.
6. Reduce the number of employees on the production line and effectively reduce production costs.

The Packing Way of Mustard Salad:

You can use different methods to package the mustard salad, the common packaging methods are shown in the picture:
 Types of mayonnaise packing

Types and Characteristics of Mustard Salad Packing Machine:

Small vertical mustard salad packing machine
This is a multifunctional packaging machine that can pack type 1 to type 5 types, and the packaging range is 1-100grams.
1. Made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel material, in line with mayonnaise packing hygiene and safety.
2. The stainless steel storage hopper is equipped with a stirring device inside, and the motor controls the stirring, so that the mayonnaise can be fully and effectively stirred, and the precipitation and unevenness of the particulate materials are avoided.
3. The pneumatic metering pump is used for metering, and the metering is accurate. The weight of the package can be adjusted freely according to the needs, and the adjustment is simple and fast.
4. Separate temperature control meters are used for horizontal and vertical sealing. The temperature of the horizontal seal and the vertical seal can be controlled separately according to the actual situation, avoiding waste products caused by temperature problems.

Multi-lane Mayonnaise Packing Machine
This is also a kind of vertical packaging machine, but it has a larger output and is suitable for small-dosing mayonnaise packaging.
1. The control system adopts PLC program control, touch-type man-machine interface, two sets of servo system drive, bag length, packaging speed, counting, machine faults are displayed on the interface in real time.
2. Use a rolling cutter to cut the film according to the number of rows. The cutting speed is fast, durable and not easy to wear.
3. The volume-adjustable metering hopper is easy to adjust, and there is no phenomenon of throwing or abrasive material, which reduces the damage and waste of mayonnaise.
4. The frame of the whole machine is made of stainless steel, with good surface finish, smooth, and easy to clean and disinfect.
5. The main electrical components adopt well-known brands to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.
6. According to the requirements of measuring size and packaging bag size, 2-12 rows of small sachets can be packaged.

Mayonnaise Packing Machine for Stand Up Pouch:
This is a kind of premade pouch packing machine. The packaging material of this packaging machine is pre-made bags, and it is also suitable for special-shaped bags.
1. Adopt advanced PLC plus touch screen electrical control system, friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation.
2. The prefabricated bag used has good sealing quality and low packaging material loss.
3. Waterproof system makes cleaning more convenient; using color touch screen, simple operation.
4. The packaging range is wide, and different materials can be filled with different metering and filling devices.

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