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Custom Small Coffee Bags with Valve

Coffee Bags with Valve
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The coffee bags with valve allow you to capture the rich aroma of coffee immediately after roasting. The exhaust valve is mainly used to release the air in the bag and prevent the external air from entering, thus extending the freshness of the coffee. Because freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide, the valve allows the roasted coffee to be packaged immediately without worrying about the coffee bags bursting. The combination of flexibility and valve makes it a perfect choice for coffee packaging.
 White Coffee Bags

Features of Coffee Bags with Valve:
◎ Solid panels Kraft can be custom printed on for unique branding.
◎ Keep high moisture, freshness and odor barrier.
◎ Laminated material for added strength and barrier.
◎ The valve vents CO2 to maintain freshness of coffee .
◎ Easy to fill and seal.
Small Coffee Bags Uses:

The primary use for the coffee bags is packaging coffee and tea. Ideal for packaging following products:
Coffee, tea, pet food, specialty food.
And these bags is suitable for restaurant, dessert shop, donut shop and other places. Frequently used sizes are 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, etc
 Coffee Bags
Custom Coffee Bags Structure:
〇 Material:PET+ Kraft Paper +Aluminum+ PE, recommended, can custom according to your design.
〇 Logo: Customized
〇 Quantity: more than 5000 pcs
〇 Size: Customized
〇 Production time:16-25 days
〇 Bags future: Keep the goods fresh, protect the products.
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