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POF Shrink Film
Shrink Film
POF shrink film is a new type of environmentally friendly shrink film. This product adopts the special technology of advanced biaxial stretching and three-layer melt coextrusion to produce a product with high transparency, high shrinkage, high toughness, high heat-sealing performance, excellent antistatic, cold resistance, safety and reliability.
 POF Shrink Film Roll

POF Shrink Film Features:
O Made of new materials, a new generation of meticulously developed formulas, advanced automated production equipment, better film transparency and stronger tensile force.
O Good toughness, difficult to puncture and break during packing, reliable quality.
O High density, tear-resistant, thick and wear-resistant.
Shrink Film Manufacturer

O Rainproof, waterproof, high density effectively prevent moisture.
O The surface of the POF shrink film is coated with an adhesive layer, which can be directly adhered to the surface of the product in a single layer. In the process of transportation and storage of the product, the surface of the product can be prevented from being scratched and abraded.
Application of POF Shrink Film:
POF shrink film is widely used in the packaging of various commodities such as sporting goods, disinfection tableware, daily necessities, handicrafts, stationery, toys, etc. The product shape is more vivid and beautiful, and the product packaging grade is improved, and the product is protected from dust and scratches.
 Application of POF Shrink Film
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