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Filter Paper Roll
The non woven tea filter paper is colorless and odorless, has no damage to the human body, meets national health standards, and is a new type of packaging material for tea packing.
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Tea Filter Paper Advantages:
1. The filter paper roll for tea bag can be heat sealed and can be ultrasonically sealed.
2. Meets food safety standards.
3. Good processability and preservability.
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Tea Bag Paper Features:
1. Using corn fiber as raw material, the production process of the product is carried out by inactivating lactic acid fermentation and lactic acid polymerization, and then converted into polylactic acid fibers and intertwined. The tea filter paper has excellent breathability, making it more suitable for packaging large pieces of tea.
2. There is no dissolution during soaking, which is harmless to the human body and the environment. No harmful substances are produced in the boiling water test, which meets the hygiene standards for food packaging.
 Tea Filter

3. The tea bag paper’s hydrolyzed by the microorganisms after being buried under the ground, and then completely becomes water and carbon dioxide. The rate of degradation is highly dependent on temperature, humidity and pH of the soil, as well as the amount and type of microorganisms.
4. No harmful gases are produced when burning the tea bag paper, and the production of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide) is smaller than conventional plastics.
5. PLA degradable polylactic acid material with antibacterial and antifungal properties.
6. Plants are renewable as a basic material for the degradation of PLA and contribute to the sustainable development of society.
Due to the different requirements of different customers for the tea filter paper, we can add different styles of labels and string according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of the contemporary.

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