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Corn Flour Packing Machine/ Maize Flour Packaging Machine

Corn Flour Packing Machine
Maize Flour Packaging Machine
This corn flour packing machine is suitable for the packaging of powder materials that are not easy to flow. Such as: corn flour, corn starch, milk powder, coffee powder, spice powder, etc. The shape of the packaged product is three sides sealed, four sides sealed, etc.
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Corn Flour Packing Machine Working Principle:
The maize flour packaging machine controller sends a signal to control the stepper motor. The stepping motor drives the screw to rotate, and the material continuously passes through the hopper to the falling seat under the rotating force of the screw, and then enters the feeding system.
The stepping motor is controlled by the control system to ensure that the amount of material pushed by the screw rotation is controlled, and different packaging specifications can be completed by replacing the screw.

Maize Flour Packaging Machine Features:
〇 The heat sealer adopts four-way heating control, the heat seal temperature can be set in advance, and the temperature is automatically controlled to ensure tight sealing of the bag mouth.
〇 The display of the controller can directly display the packaging speed and production volume when the corn flour packing machine is running, so as to better grasp the entire packaging process.
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〇 The heat sealing temperature can be adjusted according to the material of the packaging bag. The packaging speed and the length of the bag can be set by the controller to meet the packaging requirements.
〇 Easy-to-tear can be cut on each bag of finished product for consumers' convenience.
Corn Starch Packing Machine

〇 The whole process is sealed packaging, no dust, no need to touch powder manually.
〇 The maize flour packaging machine is used in conjunction with a screw metering machine. The screw metering machine measures while stirring, the accuracy can be controlled within 1%, and the error is small.
Technical Data
Items CK--1050
Packing speed 5-50 bag/min
Bag size (W)200-500mm   (L)100-600mm
Bag making mode Pillow-type bag, standing bag, punch
Range of measuring 100-6000ml
The maximum width of packing film 1020mm
Thickness of film 0.04-0.10mm
Air consumption 750L/min  0.6×105Pa
Main power/voltage 7.5KW/220V 50-60Hz
Dimension 2100×1450×2600mm
Weight 900kg

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