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Banana/ Plantain Flour Packing Machine for Sale

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This automatic plantain flour packing machine is suitable for bag packing of powder material which is not easy to flow. Such as: curry powder, moringa powder, plantain flour, milk powder, etc.
Plantain Flour Packing Machine Features:
〇 Liquid crystal panel microcomputer control, bag-making system using stepping motor subdivision technology. Automatic tracking and positioning of the packaging bag color code, the key to set the bag length, easy to complete the bag making operation, adjustment.
〇 Select intelligent temperature controller, PID control, ensure the temperature error range within 1℃.
 Curry Powder Packing Machine Packing Samples
〇 The banana flour packing machine using the latest photoelectric control system, automatic positioning in a packaging bag, align cursor, reduce manual adjustment, (high bag making accuracy, error less than 1mm), improve the utilization rate of packaging materials.
〇 This plantain flour packing machine has the function of measuring speed and displaying the packing speed.
〇 Set quantity, automatic stop after packing.
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Banana Flour Packing Machine Structural Characteristics:
◎ Vibrating screw feeder can lift a variety of powder materials, material box and stranded are made of stainless steel.
◎ Feeding motor, vibration motor switch control vibration amplitude adjustable, screw can be disassembled, clean.
 Curry Powder Packing Machine Composition

◎ Soft connection between screw and material barrel and bin, easy to disassemble. The lower end of the barrel has a movable door, a positive and negative switch for easy cleaning.
◎ Feeding height according to user requirements and work space decision.
◎ The silo is equipped with vibration motor to make the material automatically enter the screw.

How To Maintain Banana Flour Packing Machine?
1. Frequently check whether the joints are firm and whether the parts are in good condition.
2. Check the cylinder drive parts regularly and keep them clean to ensure flexible operation.

Technical Data
Model CK-ZC420F
Air consumption 2.5m3/min.6kg/cm²
Max. film width 120-380mm
Bag length 80-240mm
Bag width 50-180mm
Max. film roll diameter Max.300mm
Packing speed 5-70bags/min
Packing thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power supply specification 220V.50/60Hz.2.4KVA
Dimension (L)880*(W)810*(H)1350mm
Total weight of machine 350kg

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