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Automatic Powder Tea Filling and Sealing Machine

Tea Bag Filling And Sealing Machine
Tea Powder Packing Machine
The tea bag filling and sealing machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of powdered materials in industries such as chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products. Such as: milk powder, banana flour, additives, seasonings, enzyme preparations, etc.
Tea Powder Bag Samples
Automatic Powder Tea Filling Machine Features:
1. High electrical configuration standard, convenient and stable operation.
〇 The tea bag filling and sealing machine adopts "Panasonic" PLC control and "KINCO" multi-language touch screen display. The operation is intuitive and simple, and the computer control system runs more stable.
〇 The width of the gripper is adjusted in the touch screen to realize convenient and quick replacement of packaging product types.
Tea Powder Pouch Filling Machine

2. Unique pressure control protection system
〇 Low pressure protection and vacuum gauge are used to control the vacuum pressure to ensure stable and reliable equipment operation.
Tea Bag Packing Machine Working Flow

3. With pharmaceutical GMP and food safety certification.
〇 The automatic powder tea filling machine PID digital temperature control, independent temperature control, sealing temperature deviation ±1℃, temperature control is more stable.
〇 Open mechanical mechanism design, all contact with materials are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, waterproof design, to ensure that materials are not polluted during work.

Automatic Powder Tea Filling Machine Working Steps:
1. Bag loading: take off and send to the machine clip, no bag warning, reduce labor intensity.
2. Print the production date: Ribbon inspection to ensure the normal coding of packaging bags.
3. Open the bag: open the bag to detect, do not open the bag and do not fall, to ensure that the material is not lost.
4. Filling powder: detection, if the material is not filled, then it is not sealed to ensure that the bag is not wasted.
5. Heat sealing: alarm for abnormal temperature to ensure sealing quality.
6. Cooling, shaping and discharging: ensure the sealing is beautiful.
Technical Data
No. Name Quantity Remark
1 Pouch Packing Machine 1set 304 Stainless Steel
Includes open and close zipper device
2 Powder Filling Machine 1set 304 Stainless Steel
Schneider servo motor drive
3 Screw Feeding Machine 1set 304 Stainless Steel
4 Dust Collector 1set Optional 

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