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Automated DVD & CD Shrink Wrap Machine

CD shrink wrap machine
dvd shrink wrap machine
How do you shrink wrap dvds & cds? There are 2 solutions for doing this. The first one is semi automated, another is full automated L type. Which one you choose depends on the quantity you want to pack each day.
CDs shrink wrap machine factory
The automated shrink wrap machine is the most common and popular method used for packaging CDs and DVDs. Fast packaging speed and short shrink time.
CD Shrink Wrap Machine Features:
O Compared with traditional carton packaging, the cds shrink wrap machine saves packaging costs and labor costs. Moreover, the packaged cds is sealed, moisture-proof and impact-proof, and is suitable for multi-item packaging and pallet packaging.
O The automated control system makes the production process stable and reliable, and can adapt to long hours of work.
O PLC programmable control system ensures the accuracy and stability of packaging process control.
O The internal circulation of hot air can completely solve the disadvantage of poor shrinkage at the bottom of the product.
O The dvd shrink wrap machine uses stainless steel heating tube, automatic heat dissipation function, extend the service life of the machine more than 3 times; the shrinking temperature and conveying speed can be adjusted, and the performance is stable.
O This dvd shrink wrap machine high-power circulating motor, uniform hot air. The conveyor chain rollers are all made of solid roller shaft 45# steel, external silicone sleeve, which can bear heavy objects and the shrink film is not easy to burn.

Other application products:
Large batch shrink wrap for food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceuticals, flooring, ceramics, beverages and hardware industries.
Technical Data
Model CK-FL450
Power 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Packaging Speed 15 - 35 packs/min
Size of l-type sealing cutter 570x480 mm
Packing height 150 mm
Package Size Width + height< 400mm,  Length + height < 480mm
Packing Materials POF,PE, Folded film
Maximum Film 530mm (width ) x  280mm(Outer diameter)
Furnace Size 1200(L) x 450(W) x 220(H) mm
Total Power 8.5 kW
Platform Height 780-850 mm
Pressure 0.5MPa (5 bar)
Dimensions 1600 x 770 x 1450mm 1600 x 600 x 1260mm
Weight 450kgs

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