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How Do You Manufacture a Disposable Face Mask?

  • Release Lime: Jun 10 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How do you manufacture a disposable face mask? For different types of face mask production, the production process is different. Let's introduce how the three-layer disposable face masks are produced.
Disposable face mask manufacturing process:
1. Select raw materials. Choose PP non-woven fabric, nose bridge, silk thread, anti-bacterial filter paper, activated carbon cloth, waterproof and breathable membrane, non-woven edge material and ear straps.
2. Production: Hang the PP non-woven fabric raw materials, anti-bacterial filter paper, activated carbon cloth and waterproof and breathable membrane on the material rack of the mask filming machine, and debug the machine to automatically produce.
3. Welding type: Place the nose bridge strip on top of the face mask sheet, and then fold the mask sheet to wrap the nose bridge strip.
4. Packing workshop: Sterilize and package the face mask.
5. Shipment: The packaged masks will be integrated and shipped.
What raw materials need to be prepared for mask production:

According to the different types of masks produced, the required raw materials are different. The raw materials required to produce disposable masks are: 1. PP non-woven fabric, 2. melt blown cloth, 3. nose bridge, 4. ear straps and other materials
Precautions for mask manufacturing:
* The production environment of masks must be at a cleanliness level of 100,000(GMP standard: Class D clean workshop) or above dust-free workshop for production. The manufacturing environment must be dust-free and sterile, and masks with special requirements must be produced under the specified constant temperature and humidity range.
* The dust-free workshop for mask production, from the raw material workshop to the final molding in-pack workshop, all functional rooms of the entire production line are required to be dust-free and sterile. The layout of the workshop should be reasonable, the process should be smooth, the front and back processes should be connected smoothly, the transportation distance should be short and straight, and the risk of pollution caused by roundabout and round-trip transportation should be avoided as much as possible.
Production equipment:
According to the production scale of the factory, you can choose a fully automatic mask machine or a semi-automatic mask machine.

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