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What Is Cost of Mask Making Machine?

  • Release Lime: Jun 04 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What is cost of mask making machine? As the demand for masks increases, many people plan to build a mask factory. However, the mask making machine cost on the market varies, from 70,000USD-150,000USD, how to choose?
1. First of all, masks are simply divided into flat masks and three-dimensional masks in appearance. Flat masks are mostly used in the medical industry, and three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection. This article is mainly for the purchase of 3ply face mask machine.
2. The flat mask machine can be divided into: inner earloop mask machine, outer earloop mask machine, etc.
Mask machine cost
3. The selection should be based on the quality, model and function of the equipment. The appearance of some brands of equipment is the same, but the operation process is cumbersome, the degree of automation is low, the performance is unstable, etc., which cannot meet the actual production needs.
4. It is necessary to choose a well-known mask machine manufacturer. Although the cost may be more expensive than other companies, they have more experience and can better meet the needs of customers and protect their rights and interests. Moreover, good manufacturers have a relatively complete sales system, and after-sales are also guaranteed. They pay more attention to word of mouth and product quality. From pre-sales access, to shipment to after-sales, there is a complete system, and each link will be responsible for the relevant personnel, making it more trustworthy.
Although cost is a very important factor, when buying, do not blindly choose low cost, quality is the most important.

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