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How Is Frozen Food Packaged?

  • Release Lime: Sep 25 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Frozen food is very popular because of its convenient eating, reasonable nutrition, and diverse varieties. There are many packaged frozen foods on sale in supermarkets. But do you know how is frozen food packaged?
Before packing, you need to choose suitable packing materials, because the main purpose of packaging is to prevent food from drying out and maintain nutritional value, flavor, texture and color. Therefore, the selection of packaging materials is very important to the entire packaging process. When selecting, pay attention to the following points:
1. Waterproof and moisture-proof
2. Made of food grade materials
3. Durable and leakproof
4. Will not become brittle and cracked at low temperatures
5. Easy to fill and seal
6. Protect food from odors
 Frozen Food Packing

After selecting the packaging materials, the packaging opportunity will help you complete the entire packaging process. But how is frozen food packaged by the frozen food packaging machine? The main process is as follows:
Turn on the power and set the temperature to constant temperature→Set packaging machine parameters (bag size and packaging weight)→Manual feeding→Conveying frozen food→Electronic combination weighing→Bag making→Filling→Sealing→Print production date→Cutting→Finished product output
In order to make the packaging effect better, please pay attention to the following points when packaging:
1. The indoor temperature should not be too high to prevent the frozen food from melting and affecting the packaging effect.
2. Keep the sealing edge free of moisture or food to ensure a good sealing effect.

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