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Vacuum Packaging Machine Price

  • Release Lime: Jun 28 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What is the vacuum packaging machine price?
With the popularity of vacuum packaging, the demand for vacuum packaging machines is gradually increasing. But for different materials, the applicable models are different, and the prices are also different. Vacuum packaging machine has semi-automatic, fully automatic, large and small, the price is from 2000USD to 20000USD, the difference is very big. So we need to recommend the right machine according to your needs, and then send you the price of the machine.
 vacuum packing machine price
In addition to the model, what other factors affect the price of the machine?
1. The level of automation
Vacuum packaging machines are mainly semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic requires manual cooperation to complete the vacuuming action. The fully automatic is different, almost all the steps are completed by the machine. Therefore, the price of a high degree of automation will be higher.
2. The configuration of the same model is different
When we understand and compare the prices of vacuum packaging machines, even the prices of similar models produced by the same manufacturer are different. We all know that the vacuum pump is a core part. Different models have different pumping speeds. The faster the speed, the higher the price.
3. The difference in production process
The prices of machines produced by different manufacturers are different, because the manufacturing process of each manufacturer is different. Some manufacturers pay more attention to the quality of the equipment, and will use one-time processing and casting molding, and use food grade 304 stainless steel precision welding. Some manufacturers will use 201 stainless steel to save production costs, and use several plates to splice and weld together. In this way, in the long-term use of the equipment, it is inevitable that the solder joints will crack, resulting in air leakage in the vacuum chamber.
Therefore, when you buy a vacuum packaging machine, do not use the price as the only standard, it is recommended to go through various inspections and testimony, and only then can you buy a suitable machine.

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