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CK-CF2-2 Hand Hygiene Cleaning Wipes Machine

cleaning wipes machine
hygiene wipes machine
Hygiene Wipes Machine Working Flow:
Raw material — vertical folding — add liquid — fixed-length judgment — horizontally folded film unwinding — wrap — vertical seal — horizontal seal — finished

Cleaning Wipes Machine Features:
1. Full servo drive: the hygiene wipes machine adopts PLC and servo drive system to ensure product consistency and stability.
2. High productivity: automatic feeding without stopping the machine or speed reduction, and automatically alarming if there is less material.
3. Automatic rejection of waste products: the whole process automatically removes waste products such as asymmetrical folding and lack of non-woven fabrics.
4. Automatic wipes management: according to the packaging specifications set by the user, the wipes are stacked and sent out.
5. High hygiene and safety: fully enclosed liquid is added quantitatively to avoid circulating pollution.
6. Long cutter life: patented die-cutting design technology, the tool life is three times longer than traditional tools.
7. Packaging film tensioning mechanism: the hygiene wipes machine can effectively and automatically control the tension of the packaging film to protect the film from deformation, wrinkles and breakage.
 wet wipes machine

Cleaning Wipes Machine Main Configuration:
1. Non-woven longitudinal folding device.
2. Non-woven fabric humidifying device.
3. The wipes cutting device adopts high-speed white steel blades, which can be replaced individually.
4. Horizontal folding device.
5. Automatic counting device for wipes.
6. Packaging film forming device.
7. Packaging film longitudinal sealing device.
8. Packaging film transverse sealing device.
9. Host frequency conversion control.
10. Transmission mode of motor + synchronous belt + planetary reducer.
11. Adding liquid control system configuration, using immersion extrusion control.

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Technical Data
Machine model CK-CF2-2
Applied nonwoven material Spunlace or flushable material and degradable material
Nonwoven specification Maximum W800mm, Φ1200mm, core φ76.2mm, online slitting
Nonwoven quantity 2 rolls of nonwoven, non-stop auto splicing, 1 roll running and another roll standby
Applied packing film PET/PE, BOPP/PE, PET/AL/PE laminated film and other heat-seal materials
Packing film specification Maximum W420mm, Φ360mm, coreφ76.2mm
Packing film quantity 2 rolls of packing film, non-stop auto splicing
Applied sticker Transparent sticker or non-transparent sticker
Sticker specification Maximum W100mm,Φ400mm, coreφ76.2mm, 2 rolls of sticker, non-stop switch
Fold type Z fold(otherwise indicated)
Fold size L70-100mm, W50-100mm
Unfolded size L140-200mm, W140-200mm
Package size L130-250mm,W50-100mm,H10-70mm
Production speed 120 packages/min or 2400wipes/min, whichever comes first
External dimension L14500mm, W1850mm, H2350mm
Rated power AC380V(customizable),50/60Hz, three-phase five-wire, 28KW
Compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa, 165L/min
Net weight about 8500kg

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