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Aseptic Fruit Juice Filling And Sealing Machine Manufacturer

Fruit Juice Filling Machine
Aseptic Fruit Juice Filling Machine
Juice Filling And Sealing Machine
As a automatic juice fillling machine manufacturer, there are many types of the filling machine, the machines is suitable for orange juice, water and other liquid beverage. Our fruit juice liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the juice industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your juice filling needs and meet your production goals. 
Juice Filling Machine Manufacturer

Fruit juice is one of the many different types of liquids that the filling and sealing machine is capable of packaging and filling. In addition to high-quality fruit juice filling machine, we also have other types of liquid packaging machinery. The complete customized system of our equipment can improve and maintain profitability and efficiency in your production line. We offer unique configurations for each piece of equipment that can help reduce maintenance requirements and help avoid potentially expensive breakdowns.
Automatic Fruit Juice Filling Machine

Aseptic Fruit Juice Filling Machine Features:
1. This machine adopts the principle of liquid level filling with suction back, which can effectively prevent the foaming and dripping of the filling liquid, and does not affect the flavor of the juice.
2. The juice filling and sealing machine design is compact and reasonable, the appearance is simple and beautiful, filling volume adjustment is convenient, high precision. Drawing on the advanced filling process control technology of European and American countries, the imported color touch screen man-machine interface, filling process to achieve one-key operation, stable performance.
3. The PLC and touch screen of the fruit juice filling and sealing machine are manufactured by Siemens Germany. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel. The part in contact with liquid is made of 316 stainless steel. Excellent quality of electrical components and manufacturing process to ensure its excellent quality and durable and stable performance.
Fruit Juice Bottles

4. The machine is easy to adjust and maintain, and no special tools are needed. Humanized design, really easy to adjust, filling volume accurate.
5. Pneumatic cover device has wide applicability, pneumatic cover for different specifications, different shapes of screw cover design, can replace the screw head to adapt to a variety of types of cover.
6. The whole fruit juice filling line is completely closed filling, in line with the national hygiene standards, hygienic, pollution-free.

Juice Filling Machine Video:
You also have access to other machines like capping machine, labeling machine and more to complete your juice filling line. We offer chuck capping machine, spindle capping machine, spin capping machine, and vertical wheel pluggers, as well as cap sorting elevators and conveyors to bring the containers to each different station.  
And we can also custom fruit juice fillling machine according to your bottles and cap, but you need to send us the pictures of your bottles and caps, and also the size. 
Technical Data
Model CK-GZ18/24/32YL
Filling Bottle PET bottle,etc
Measuring range 350-2680ML
Bottle Size ∅60-∅112mm,height180-330mm
Packing Speed 8000-20000bottle/h
Filling valve number 18-24
Voltage 380VAC/50HZ
Power 2.5-7.5KW
Dimensions 3400L×3000W×2700H
Weight 4000KG-9000KG
Precision ≤±1%

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