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Automatic Ointment Filling Packing Machine

ointment packing machine
ointment filling machine
Ointment is a highly viscous liquid that requires specialized equipment to pack. According to different packaging styles, there are different packaging machines.

1. Ointment Packing Machine 

Bags of ointment are generally small doses, and for mass production factories, we usually recommend using a multilane packaging machine. It is very suitable for the packaging of small dose ointment, and the bag type can be customized according to customer's requirements.
Onitme packing machine features:
☺There are many sets of solutions for the silo, which are suitable for the packaging of fluid materials in different states. Equipped with gear pump, peristaltic pump and other metering pumps to choose from, to ensure the seal is clean and tidy.
☺The longitudinal sealing mechanism adopts a 45-degree oblique remote longitudinal sealing design to reduce the baking of the ointment.
☺The sealing mechanism adopts independent double easy tearing design, which is convenient and convenient to adjust and replace.

☺The horizontal sealing mechanism adopts high-precision servo control, and the mold is specially treated, which is more resistant to wear.
☺The cutting mechanism adopts a modular design, and the tool material is specially treated to be more resistant to wear and tear.
☺The film frame mechanism adopts automatic deviation correction and automatic tension control, which is suitable for a wider range of packaging materials.
☺The temperature control mechanism adopts a modular design and directly interacts with the PLC, and the temperature control is accurate and reliable.
The ointment packing machine can be used in combination with material sorting machines, cartoning machines and other equipment to form an automated ointment packaging line.
 ointment packaging line

2. Ointment Filling Machine

For the ointment that needs to be bottled, we provide ointment filling machines, which are available from single head to 12 heads.
Ointment filling machine features:
☺The machine adopts linear filling and is suitable for various high/low viscosity ointments.
☺Servo motor control submerged follow-up filling, effectively preventing the ointment from spraying and foaming.
☺Servo motor combined with rotary valve, piston quantitative filling, convenient control, simple adjustment, high filling accuracy.

☺Combined filling structure, accurate filling volume, easy disassembly, easy cleaning.
☺The filling volume adjustment is simple, the operation is convenient and safe.
☺Equipped with moving wheels, easy to move.
☺Made of sanitary stainless steel, clean and hygienic.
The ointment filling machine can cooperate with capping machine, labeling machine, packing machine and other equipment to form a fully automatic ointment filling line.
ointment filling line
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