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Automatic Feeding Spout Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine

Spout pouch filling machine
Spout pouch filling and sealing machine
This automatic feeding spout pouch filling machine is an ideal alternative to manual packaging, automatic bag taking, date printing, bag opening, feeding, sealing and output. The spout pouch filling and sealing machine is suitable for juice, jelly, milk, ketchup and other liquid materials.
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Structural Features of Spout Pouch Filling Machine:
O The motor adopts the auto coupling step-down start to ensure the normal operation of the motor.
O Fast operation, large output, easy operation and mold replacement can complete the filling of bags of different sizes.
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O Waterproof design: full closed waterproof design, wider application range.
O The rotating mechanism of the spout pouch filling and sealing machine adopts three-stage rotation, double crank strong pressing, disc friction on the high-speed rotating shaft, clutch and flywheel device for overload protection and energy storage.

Functional Features of Spout Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine:
O It is controlled by German Siemens PLC and equipped with touch screen human-machine interface control system, easy to operate.
O This spout pouch filling machine uses the frequency conversion speed control device, can adjust the speed at will within the specified range, to meet the packaging needs of different customers.
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O Adjust the width of the bag by motor control. Press and hold the control button to adjust the width of the clamp, which is convenient for operation and time saving.
O Equipped with plexiglass safety door to protect operators.
O Parts on the automatic feed spout pouch filling and sealing machine that contact with materials or packaging bags shall be processed with stainless steel or other materials meeting the requirements of food hygiene.
O The packaging bag has a wide range of applications. It can be used for the prefabricated bag and paper bag made of multi-layer composite film, single-layer PE, PP and other materials.

Technical Data
Pouch Materials Composite film, PE, PP
Pouch Types stant up pouch,stand up pouch with spout,flat pouch
Pouch Size W:100-210mm  L:100-350mm(can custom)
Max Filling Range 5000ml
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Speed 10-60bags/min
Voltage 380V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Power 5.5kw
Compressed Air 0.6m³/min

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