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Cellophane Film
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Cellophane film is a natural cellulose film made from natural polymer cellulose as a raw material through a series of rigorous chemical and physical changes. The film have blue, transparent and other iridescent color.
Colorful Celophane Film
The cellophane film is transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to high temperatures and transparent. Because air, oil, bacteria, and water are not easily penetrated through cellophane film, they can be used for food packaging.
Cellophane is a film-like product processed from recycled fibers. The ordinary cellophane film is coated with a moisture-proof coating, and then dried and conditioned to form a moisture-proof cellophane film.
Cellophane Film Factory

Cellophane Film Advantages:
1. High transparency and gloss
〇 Beautiful sparkle, clarity and gloss
〇 Offers a tight package that will extend the shelf life of your products while protecting them from dust, oil and moisture.
〇  Tight, crisp, even shrink in all directions.
2. High quality materials
〇 Provides consistent sealing and shrinking at a broader range of temperatures.
〇 Performs reliably even in less-than-ideal operating conditions.
Cellophane Film Manufacturer

3. Superior Sealing Performance
〇 Compatible with all sealing systems including manual, semi-automated and automated.
〇 Yields cleaner, stronger seals eliminating blowouts.
It is very common to use cellophane film for packaging food and gift. and these environmentally friendly cellophane are biodegradable and have virtually no negative impacts on the environment.
Cellophane Film Use
As a cellophane film manufacturer, we suggest you that when you buy the cellophane film, there are many different features to consider like the size, thickness and color. For this reason, is recommended that you discuss your specifications and requirements with an experienced manufacturer, ensuring that you receive the very best value. Common thickness is 20μ, if you have other requirement, please tell us, as a cellophane film manufacturer, we can custom according to your requirement.

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Technical Data
Name cellophane
Density 1.4-1.55g/cm3
Common thickness 20μ
Specification 710一1020mm
Moisture permeability Increase with increasing humidity
Oxygen permeability Change with humidity

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