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This protein powder packing machine is suitable for packing powdery materials with good fluidity, such as milk powder, protein powder, whey powder, wheat flour, cocoa powder, sugar powder, pesticides, agar powder, etc. There is a dustproof device to effectively ensure the hygiene of the packaging environment.
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Due to the particularity of the material, in the process of packaging protein powder, the problems of insufficient packaging accuracy and dust are prone to occur. Therefore, we will consider that the protein powder packaging needs to be as fully enclosed as possible during the feeding process, kept dry, and accompanied by a stirring function to prevent caking. Especially for small-dose protein powder packaging, which has higher requirements for packaging accuracy, screw metering is a good choice.
It should be noted that different types of materials are packaged, and the screw metering method is also different. For some products with low fluidity, such as flour, starch, etc. Generally, an elongated screw meter will be configured, which can improve the packaging accuracy and packaging effect.

Whey Powder Packing Machine Features:

〇 The packing speed and bag length can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range without the need to replace parts. The length of bag is set digitally by the controller, and the bag making is accurate.
〇 The whey powder packing machine can cut easy-to-tear on each bag of finished product for consumers' convenience.
Protein Powder Packing Machine Factory

〇 The heat sealer adopts four-way heating control, the heat seal temperature can be set in advance, and the temperature is automatically controlled to ensure a good thermal balance to ensure that the bag mouth is tightly sealed and flat.
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〇 The high-quality photoelectric switch is used to detect and control the color mark printed on the packaging material, so that the finished product can obtain a complete trademark pattern.
〇 All parts of the protein powder packing machine in contact with the material are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, which meet the hygiene standards of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

1. In order to ensure the reliability and advancedness of the product, the materials of the whey powder packing machine are selected from domestic or international famous brands.
2. Delivery time: as far as possible to meet customer requirements. If there are special requirements that need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and installation, and strive to meet user requirements.
3. When the powder packing machine is delivered, we provide the following documents to the user:
① Maintenance manual
② instructions
③ Consumables and spare parts list

There are many ways to package protein powder, and bottled is another popular packaging method, but it requires a special powder filling machine to complete the packaging. Suitable equipment can also be customized according to your packaging requirements.
Technical Data
Model CK--1050
Packing speed 5-50 bag/min
Bag size (W)200-500mm   (L)100-600mm
Bag making mode Pillow-type bag, standing bag, pouch
Range of measuring 100-6000ml
The maximum width of packing film 1020mm
Thickness of film 0.04-0.10mm
Air consumption 750L/min  0.6×105Pa
Main power/voltage 7.5KW/220V 50-60Hz
Dimension 2100×1450×2600mm
Weight 900kg

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