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Cost of Fruit Vacuum Packing Machine

Dry Fruit Vacuum Packing Machine
Fruit Vacuum Packing Machine
The fruit vacuum packing machine uses a vacuum cover to work alternately on two vacuum chambers, so as to achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency. While one vacuum chamber is evacuating, the other vacuum chamber can hold products. The labor-saving device specially designed for the swing of the vacuum cover greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
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Fruit Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
☺ The microcomputer control system is adopted to make the packaging parameter setting more accurate and the operation simple and convenient. The operator can set the vacuuming time and sealing time according to the needs, so as to adapt to the packaging materials of different specifications and materials.
☺ Equipped with a high-power vacuum pump, the packaging bag can obtain a vacuum degree in a short time, which improves the working efficiency of the equipment. 
☺ The machine is designed with a flat vacuum chamber, which is convenient for cleaning and wiping the grease, debris and other objects dropped during the packaging process. The main structural material is 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.
☺ The V-shaped sealing strip made of high-density material in the vacuum chamber ensures the sealing performance of the equipment in daily work and the pressure resistance and wear resistance of the material, and prolongs the service life of the sealing strip.
☺ The fruit vacuum packing machine has an emergency stop function. In the event of an accident, the operator can press the emergency stop button at any time to terminate the ongoing work program and restore the equipment to its initial state.
☺ Equipped with heavy-duty mobile casters (with brakes), the load-bearing capacity is good, making it more convenient to move the machine.
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Effect of Fruit Vacuum Packing Machine:
1. The air (oxygen) in the packaging bag is eliminated, which can effectively prevent food spoilage.
2. The use of packaging materials with excellent barrier properties and strict sealing techniques and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging contents.
3. The packing machine eliminates the gas in the bag and speeds up the heat transfer, which can not only improve the heat sterilization efficiency, but also avoid the packaging container rupture due to the expansion of the gas during heat sterilization.

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Technical Data
Model CK-DZ400-2
Vacuum chamber size 465*490*40mm
Seal strip size 400*10mm
Maximum space 400mm
Machine size 105*63*97cm
Machine packing size 115*73*112cm
Open height 110cm
Machine weight 160kg
Heat seal pulse power 1700-2000w
Heat seal time 1-9.9s
Vacuum pump efficiency 20m³/h
Vacuum pump power 900w
Voltage 220v/50Hz

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