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DZ400 Multivac Paneer Vacuum Packing Machine

DZ400 Vacuum Packing Machine
Small Vacuum Packing Machine
Vacuum Packing Machine for Paneer
The DZ400 multivac paneer packing machine uses a plastic composite film or a plastic aluminum foil composite film as a packaging material. The paneer vacuum packing machine is suitable for panner, tofu, cheese and other foods.
Vacuum Packing Samples
Paneer Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
1. The material has strong corrosion resistance and fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and anti-corrosion.
2. The host structure is firm, and the man-machine interface corresponding to multiple characters is easy to operate.
Vacuum Packing Machine Details
3. High-power vacuum pump is selected, with high vacuum speed and good effect, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.
4. The multivac paneer packing machine effect is good, which avoids the oxidation, mildew and decay of items, and prolongs the storage period and fresh-keeping period of food.

Paneer Vacuum Packing Machine Working Flow:
1. Vacuum. The vacuum chamber is closed, the vacuum pump works, the vacuum chamber starts to vacuum, the vacuum gauge pointer rises, and the rated vacuum is reached (controlled by the time relay ISJ) the vacuum pump stops working.
Vacuum Packing Machine Table

2. Heat seal. The IDT is disconnected and the outside atmosphere enters the heat-sealed air chamber through its upper air intake. Using the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber of the small vacuum packing machine and the heat sealing chamber, the heat sealing chamber is inflated and expanded, so that the upper heat pressing frame is moved down, and the bag mouth is pressed. At the same time heat seal the transformer work, start sealing; time relay 2SJ work, after a few seconds, the heat seal is over.
Vacuum Packing Machine Chamber

3. Air return. When the air enters the vacuum chamber, the pointer of the vacuum gauge returns to zero, the hot press relies on the reset spring to reset, and the vacuum chamber opens the cover.
4. Cycle: Take out the vacuum-packed goods and start the next packing.
Technical Data
Model CK-DZ400
Power Source 220V 50Hz-60Hz
Power consumption 1.5KW
Sealing size 400×10mm
Packing speed 1~4 times /min
Chamber size 420*440*80mm
Dimension 660*600*1050mm
Weight 105Kg

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